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az-vm said:

Excelent plugin, thank you!

It´s possible to add datepicker field to it ?

Regard´s az-v...

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submit button only disabled when form is submitted. can you provide more information like any script...

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You have to 1st install rainlab translate plugin. This requirement is mentioned in documents

Posted in Hi, when i install it doesn't show in my installed plugins. then when i go to manage plugins. i get errors and have to manually uninstall it from cpanel.

I'm building plugin to add image in menu but it did not work

public function boot()
// Menu

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same here, i've tried creating a plugin to add image in menu but it did not work

public function b...

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yes you can add it to any theme.

In documentation code is for reference. You have to use Components ...

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install RainLab Translate plugin

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thank you for your good words, you can add multiple forms.

If you want to add extra fields, you have...

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I have similar problem, but no solution. may be its not possible

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Hi, I'm making a plugin and need a way to get backend color scheme, primary color, secondary color. ...

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