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Stranger Pings
Stranger Pings

Hi there,

First of all the list all products component won't work unless I check the 'use category' checkbox. Only then will it display all products.

Second all of all, the pagination won't work. I have my url to


and the component pagination param to


I see that my 30 results are across 3 pages, with the correct 1,2,3 buttons. However when I click 2 to goto the second page it still displays the first set of results, even though the url is


Any ideas why it isn't working?

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Stranger Pings
Stranger Pings

Still haven't found the solution after a few days of trying. Any help would be hugely appreciated.



Sorry for the late, I'm pretty busy those days.

Can you contact me via email and give me some access to your OctoberCMs install please, that would be usefull to help you quickly.

Stranger Pings
Stranger Pings

No worries. I found the issue with some parameters

'page' => $this->property('pageParam'),
// needs to be set to 
'page' => $this->property('pageNumber'), 

I have submitted some changes to github. Love the plugin :D


I merged the PR on github, thanks !

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