Provides a full catalogue, with multi-categories and your own custom fields.

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Hi :) First of all i'd like to say thanks for this plugin, it's been a day since i purchased a license and i already feel like it's saved me weeks of work :)

I may be missing something though. When adding custom fields in the backend, they are indeed created / saved. However When i then go to create a product i cannot see the inputs for the custom fields. I know i am probably missing something super obvious here, but how can i enter values for previously created custom fields when creating a product from the backend?

Thanks again! :)


Hi, Thank you :)

You missed the Group option in custom field list. When you create a custom field you have the ability to select a Group (created before). After that, all products related this group will have the custom fields you've just created. If you don"t have a group defined, create one first in the Group section.

From next update (1.12.6), which is available now for all, you can use properties instead (or with), the custom fields. Properties are defined directly inside the product, no need to use the Groups anymore. Properties and custom fields are quite the same at all, the big difference is that when you define custom fields you can apply it to all the products of a Group, so you can define different custom fields for different groups, while properties are product defined. Properties are not documented for now.

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