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With this simple plugin you can (bulk) download your private plugins and themes. This allows you to backup your work on themes and plugins but you can also export your work on a development server and use my Import plugin to update a live website.


  • All plugins and themes will be compressed and downloaded from their respective folders (plugins and themes).
  • Backup your work on themes and plugins
  • Update a live website from a development server


To install from the Marketplace, click on the "Add to Project" button and then select the project you wish to add it to before updating the project to pull in the plugin.

To install from the backend, go to Settings -> Updates & Plugins -> Install Plugins and then search for Briddle.Export.

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Getting started

Hello, I am Wiego Bergsma. Please start by reading the whole documentation! If you have any questions, find a bug or experience difficulties getting the plugin to work please use the Support Forum. Only leave a Review if you are happy with the plugin or are still unhappy with the plugin after reaching out to me in the Support Forum. Thank you! Wiego

  1. Install Briddle.Export
  2. Navigate to Settings > System > Export
  3. Download your plugins and themes
  4. Use the Import plugin to import your changes on another website

Contents of plugin archives (.zip)

  • Plugin archives contain all plugins but at least 1 folder (named after the author, e.g. briddle).
  • Author folders contain at least 1 folder (named after the plugin, eg. export).

Contents of theme archives (.zip)

  • Theme archives contain all themes but at least 1 folder (named after the theme, e.g. demo).

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  • Select what plugins/themes to export using checkboxes