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Sharing some insight: if you find yourself needing to extend settings model implementing SettingsModel behaviour, you may notice, that there's no easy way to access dynamic controller created to display settings registered via class index of $plugin->registerSettings method. I've found a way to do that however and it works just fine:

Event::listen('backend.form.extendFields', function ($form) {
   if (!$form->model instanceof \SomeVendor\SomePlugin\Models\Settings)

       'test' => [
           'label' => 'Test Label',
           'tab' => 'Test Tab'

Use that code in register method of your own plugin. This way you can add your own settings to other plugins. Thanks to OctoberCMS for awesome extensibility.

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I signed up here to say thank you @Keios.

Also many many thanks to Alexey and Samuel for the best CMS I have ever seen.


I also signed up here to say thank you @Keios.

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