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Posted in Extending models implementing SettingsModel behavior

hello, did you find a solution ? see you

Posted in Pages plugin - cms menu entry parameters

@phplee, just replace $form by $widget :
<code> Event::listen('backend.form.extendFields', function(...

Posted in Tab order

i had similar need for a plugin with detailled ressourcs so i proceeded the same way to fill menu li...

Posted in How to link internal to other post in rainlab.blog

@maniek35187 : thanks for the reply ; do you know if there a way to retrieve field name into scopeFi...

Posted in Searching / Filtering a backend list by 'like' string

thanks a lot for your detail reply Charis ; also i should have read more in depth about Shopaholic w...

Posted in Features and capabilities questions


i've just found your impressive themes and have questions about your ecommerce one please :


Posted in Features and capabilities questions