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There is an issue on github addressing the same problem.


Posted in Filtering form fields with dependsOn problem

Having the same issue

Posted in Exception Handling -- Call to undefined method October\Rain\Foundation\Application::error()

You can use the following

return App::make('Cms\Classes\Controller')->setStatusCode(404)->run('/404'...

Posted in Model::findOrFail() where do I add teh event listener to trigger a 404?

Any help on this?

Posted in Help managing Polymorphic Many Many relations

Please find the issue here: https://github.com/octobercms/october/issues/4144

Posted in Usage of hidden form field

  • You will have first to define the diks, on Windows, definition looks like this: Full path C: or D:
  • ...

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I signed up here to say thank you @Keios.

Also many many thanks to Alexey and Samuel for the best CM...

Posted in Extending models implementing SettingsModel behavior

Having the same issue!

Quick fix modify modules/system/twig/Extension.php:105 to

return \Cms\Classe...

Posted in Class 'System\Twig\MediaLibrary' not found