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Free Modern and Clean OctoberCMS Theme based on MDBootstrap (Material Design for Bootstrap) which is a powerful CSS Framework coupled with the best of Bootstrap and Material Design.

  • 400+ material UI elements
  • 600+ material icons
  • 74 CSS animations
  • SASS files
  • Templates
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Tutorials and many more.

Trusted by 400 000 + developers and designers. Used by companies like Nike, Samsung, Amazon, Ikea and Sony. Fully responsive and compatible with different browsers.


  • This theme is based on MDB v4.4.5

Full documentation for this theme can be found on here MDB 4.4.5

These plugin(s) are required for the theme:

Looking for a blank theme? Try our MDB v441.

Visit the official MDBootstrap website for more components and features.

Full documentation for this theme MDB 4.4.5 can be found here.

Required Plugins

  • RainLab StaticPages
  • RainLab Blog

Sample Content

  • The theme comes with some Layouts loaded. Please have a look at the Basic Landing Page layout to see how you can take advantage of Layout variables which provide custom fields for StaticPages.
  • The Layout variables provide custom fields which will be used to manage the page content. Take a look at the secondary tabs in place of the Content tab on the Basic Landing Page example.
Sidebar Menu
  • Automatically generate a sidebar menu with Subpages created in StaticPages when using the Sidebar Layout.
  • If, for example, your parent page slug is about-us then you simply need to create a menu item named "about-us"; set it to the StaticPage and ensure that you have checked Allow nested items and Replace this item with its generated children. The sidebar menu will then be populated with the subpage items.
Footer Content
  • The footer content can be managed from the StaticPages Content side menu item.
  • There are also some CMS Pages prepared for the blog pages. Adapt these pages or create your own pages from the examples provided.

Your imagination is the limit, visit the MDBootstrap website for more components and create stunning websites :)

Thank you

  • Found the theme useful on 19 Feb, 2018

    Nice work on the Layout placeholders. I also like how the subpages menu works. Great stuff :)

  • author

    Replied on 19 Feb, 2018

    Thanks for the review. Glad you like the theme :)


Added padding on blog partials

Feb 09, 2018


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Feb 07, 2018