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Hello Sir,

I was experimenting with other TailwindCSS theme.

In the meanwhile I got this error on my active Zenii theme: "The edit theme is not found"

Please help.

The Bakerdev
The Bakerdev


Can provide more information on what you did with your setup?


I first installed Multisite plugin:

That worked perfectly.

But at that time I didn't check if CMS editor was working or not.

Along with that I installed TailwindCSS Boiler plate:

And used its commands from SSH those which were provided in that theme's description below:

Launch a terminal from the romainmazb-tailwindcss-boilerplate directory Run npm install to install the boilerplate dependencies. Then go to the blank-src directory and launch again npm install, this will install your theme dependencies, for now just the ones required by October, PostCSS and TailwindCSS. Go back to the romainmazb-tailwindcss-boilerplate directory and run npm run watch` to run the development server with hot reload. Since a new blank theme were created, go to the October backend settings and activate your new theme.

After that the editor gave this error.

The Bakerdev
The Bakerdev

Hi administrator57283,

The error comes from I tried installing the theme and I got the same error. The theme comes with a plugin called RMB Boilerplate's Plugin. On the plugin file, it has this code:

  Event::listen('cms.theme.getEditTheme', static function () use ($theme_name) {
            return $theme_name . '-src';

I assume that the plugin is looking for themename-src folder format, which zenii and some other theme folders are named that way. If you disable the plugin or remove the .'-src' from the code the error will go away.

It's best to ask for support in the and RMB Boilerplate's Plugin regarding this error.

Hope this helps.



Hi guys... For my case, I develop the website in remote server and i use visual studio code remote-ssh extension to connect it. Btw, i use romainmazb-tailwindcssboilerplate. And after i changed some configuration in webpack.config.js, i just open it in local browser with a port of 3000. In short, i made a mistake by deleting the theme and reinstall the theme again. And error's notification "the edit theme is not found" appeared.

Here's the solution for my case : i just commented the edit theme function in the plugin. and there you go.

PS: Please consider to check wheter if you are using remote server and you have browserSync... Better you check the port of your local browser and the backend of cms.

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