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The contact page requires a mail template to be created. You can create a new mail template by selecting Settings > Mail templates > New template.

  1. Select the layout Default

  2. Enter the code: contact::form

  3. Enter the subject: Contact form submitted

  4. Enter the description: Sent when a user submits the contact form.

  5. Enter the HTML below:

    <p>From: {{name}} {{surname}} <{{email}}></p>
    <p>Phone: {{ phone }}</p>
    <p>Company: {{company}}</p>
    <p>Message Body:</p>
    <p>This mail is sent via contact form found on House of Chairs!</p>
  6. Click Create

Submitting the contact form will send an email to all administrators who belong to the group with code support-contact. You can create this group by selecting Settings > Administrators > Manage Groups > New Group.

  1. Place a tick in Add new administrators to this group by default. to add all the existing admins to this new group.
  2. Enter a name: Support contact
  3. Enter the code: support-contact
  4. Click Create

Fixes issue registering and signing in when login attribute is set to email.

Sep 27, 2015


First version of Relax theme

Jul 01, 2015