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Bootstrap theme in Viking Style (version1) created with Bootstrap v5.3.0-alpha1.

Why paid

As a freelancer, I charge a modest amount for my themes and plugins because each creation involves time, effort, and expertise. This allows me to maintain the quality of my work and continue developing my skills. I appreciate your support and understanding as I strive for excellence.

So this is my first theme made for OctoberCMS with Octobercms v2. The base is bootstrap version 5.2.2.

Theme files can be found at https://github.com/codeskullz/viking-v1 If you have any questions, post a github issue and I'll answer you as soon as possible


Upgrade tot Bootstrap v5.3.3

Apr 12, 2024


Upgrade tot Bootstrap v5.3.0-alpha1

Dec 27, 2022


Bootstrap Icons updated to v1.10.2

Nov 18, 2022


change the css files to be able to make theme specific changes to a separate css file, create pages for showcasing

Nov 11, 2022


Geolocation.js added including the partial

Nov 11, 2022


Theme initialization

Nov 11, 2022