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Material Journal is a simple theme in the style of material design. It can be used as personal blog or
journal with several authors. It has a custom template to showcase special timeless elements/information.

  • unlimited number color schemes that can be switched
  • fully responsive, build on Aline.css (analog Bootstrap)
  • Font Awesome Icons included

Extra features

All features are implemented and ready to work without any other configuration.

  • custom RainLab.Blog (details in the documentation) - can work with the usual RainLab.Blog but it's less comfortable
  • automatic addition of blog categories in the menu - for header and footer In one place (can be disabled in the theme settings)
  • social networks management - for header and footer In one place
  • RainLab.Blog integration - posts, post categories, post detail
  • RainLab.StaticPage integration- you can create static pages
  • Multiple styles of article list design - easy to manage
  • Each article and category can have individual parameters - background(img or color), text-color, hide author, custom author, hide category, add custom class
  • Each article can be linked to other articles
  • Ajax pagination articles - button "+ More articles"
  • Adding additional fields for the author
  • Creating a block with events - you can specify the date, time and place and specify any link, notifying people about the event
  • Full control of SEO tags
  • Editing robots.txt from the admin panel
  • Setting up 404 pages
  • Search - blog posts
  • Alerts, incorrect settings - below in the screenshot, you can see it (block event)




At first go to the Backend > Settings > Front-end theme> Activate theme Then go to Backend > Settings > Front-end theme and click to Customize start filling out the parameters you need

First of all, I recommend installing a modified plugin RainLab.Blog for this theme this will only make it easier for you to work with the topic. But it's not necessary!

Example custom fields for plugin RainLub.Blog


  • theme variables: Backend > Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize
  • main menu: Backend >Pages > Menus > Main menu header-footer. (By default, blog categories are added to the menu if you do not need them to change the theme settings)
  • social networks management: Backend >Pages > Menus > Social-icon-link. ( Click any of the previously filled click to Attributes > CSS Class - this class icon fontawesome 5)
  • social networks share: Backend >Pages > Menus > social-icone-share (works similarly to the above)
  • main-page: Backend > Pages > Pages > My journal ( its content depends on the snippets, about them below)
  • footer-partner-logo: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Logo ( If you need the logos of your partners, then include the switch Partners logo and click button Add new partner and fill in the fields)
  • seo tags post: Backend > Blog> select post > SEO (If the fields are not filled, then title page = post title, description and keywords hide)
  • seo tags category: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > SEO > Add new custom seo category and fill in the fields
  • customization post: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Blog-post Add new custom view post and fill in the fields (by default, the background of the post is the first downloaded image in the post)
  • customization category: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Blog-category Add new custom view category blog and fill in the fields
  • event-block: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Event-block > Add new event and fill in the fields
  • main-block: This is a block that is divided into main article, two other articles and the last 6 articles. it is added via snippets the setting is here Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Main block


  • Main article block:
  • Column articles:
  • Tiles articles:
  • Event list: Fields:
    • Category url - enter slug categories exemple mjournal.petergof-edu.org/category/news - you wrote only news.
    • Count article - enter count article is displayed in the block.
    • Name block - enter name block will be displayed before the block.

Add support custom plugin RainLab Blog and or and minor edits of the layout

Sep 21, 2018

Added a script for measuring the minimum height of content

Sep 19, 2018


Add Russian translation edit the file `theme.yaml' - config/fields-en.yaml on config/fields-rus.yaml

Sep 18, 2018


Create basic function theme

Sep 18, 2018


Theme initialization

Sep 18, 2018