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Material Journal is a simple theme in the style of material design. It can be used as personal blog or
journal with several authors. It has a custom template to showcase special timeless elements/information.

  • unlimited number color schemes that can be switched
  • fully responsive, build on Aline.css (analog Bootstrap)
  • Font Awesome Icons included

Extra features

All features are implemented and ready to work without any other configuration.

  • custom RainLab.Blog (details in the documentation) - can work with the usual RainLab.Blog but it's less comfortable
  • automatic addition of blog categories in the menu - for header and footer In one place (can be disabled in the theme settings)
  • social networks management - for header and footer In one place
  • RainLab.Blog integration - posts, post categories, post detail
  • RainLab.StaticPage integration- you can create static pages
  • Multiple styles of article list design - easy to manage
  • Each article and category can have individual parameters - background(img or color), text-color, hide author, custom author, hide category, add custom class
  • Each article can be linked to other articles
  • Ajax pagination articles - button "+ More articles"
  • Adding additional fields for the author
  • Creating a block with events - you can specify the date, time and place and specify any link, notifying people about the event
  • Full control of SEO tags
  • Editing robots.txt from the admin panel
  • Setting up 404 pages
  • Search - blog posts
  • Alerts, incorrect settings - below in the screenshot, you can see it (block event)




At first go to the Backend > Settings > Front-end theme> Activate theme Then go to Backend > Settings > Front-end theme and click to Customize start filling out the parameters you need

First of all, I recommend installing a modified plugin RainLab.Blog for this theme this will only make it easier for you to work with the topic. But it's not necessary!

Example custom fields for plugin RainLub.Blog


  • theme variables: Backend > Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize
  • main menu: Backend >Pages > Menus > Main menu header-footer. (By default, blog categories are added to the menu if you do not need them to change the theme settings)
  • social networks management: Backend >Pages > Menus > Social-icon-link. ( Click any of the previously filled click to Attributes > CSS Class - this class icon fontawesome 5)
  • social networks share: Backend >Pages > Menus > social-icone-share (works similarly to the above)
  • main-page: Backend > Pages > Pages > My journal ( its content depends on the snippets, about them below)
  • footer-partner-logo: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Logo ( If you need the logos of your partners, then include the switch Partners logo and click button Add new partner and fill in the fields)
  • seo tags post: Backend > Blog> select post > SEO (If the fields are not filled, then title page = post title, description and keywords hide)
  • seo tags category: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > SEO > Add new custom seo category and fill in the fields
  • customization post: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Blog-post Add new custom view post and fill in the fields (by default, the background of the post is the first downloaded image in the post)
  • customization category: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Blog-category Add new custom view category blog and fill in the fields
  • event-block: Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Event-block > Add new event and fill in the fields
  • main-block: This is a block that is divided into main article, two other articles and the last 6 articles. it is added via snippets the setting is here Backend > Settings > Front-end theme > Customize > Main block


  • Main article block:
  • Column articles:
  • Tiles articles:
  • Event list: Fields:
    • Category url - enter slug categories exemple mjournal.petergof-edu.org/category/news - you wrote only news.
    • Count article - enter count article is displayed in the block.
    • Name block - enter name block will be displayed before the block.
  • Found the theme useful on 26 Mar, 2019

    I I bought this plugin but I do not know how to install it. In the themes settings, I do not have this layout?

  • author

    Replied on 26 Mar, 2019

    Thank you for your purchase

    1. It is necessary to add a topic to the project;
    2. You need to connect the project to your site on OctoberCMS.
    3. You must click "Check for Updates" and update
    4. Go to the theme settings and change the theme.

  • Found the theme useful on 22 Jan, 2019

    This is a great theme! Everything works. Documentation could be better but great support, author replies very fast.

  • author

    Replied on 22 Jan, 2019

    Thank you, I have released an update! If you have any questions, please contact for me, also if there are any suggestions for improvement topics write darkrogua1992@yandex.ru

  • Found the theme useful on 8 Oct, 2018

    Great theme to start with, easy to use with lots of features.

  • author

    Replied on 8 Oct, 2018

    Thank you, write what you want to see more on darkrogua1992@yandex.ru


Rename first block name, Fixed bug with adding svg icons, fixed a problem with the width of the logo, fixed download bug .iso file for favicon. Thanks Lars Nygaard

Jan 22, 2019


Removed the reference to the theme name when connecting styles

Nov 29, 2018


Add support custom plugin RainLab Blog and or and minor edits of the layout

Sep 21, 2018

Added a script for measuring the minimum height of content

Sep 19, 2018


Add Russian translation edit the file `theme.yaml' - config/fields-en.yaml on config/fields-rus.yaml

Sep 18, 2018


Create basic function theme

Sep 18, 2018


Theme initialization

Sep 18, 2018