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Show disk usage reports with beautiful reports, for installation & usage please see documentation.

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Dashboard screen

Disk usage plugin

Show disk usage reports

Defining disks

Disks can be defined in the back-end settings area, click on Settings then search for Disk Usage.

Every disk has a name, path and description. Helpful name and description can help to create meaningful reports.

You may define as many disks as you want or only single disk.

Showing the widget

You may add one or many widgets to the dashboard, just click on Dashboard from the top menu, then Manage widgets from the bottom left then Add widget select Disk Usage, select column size 2 or 3 columns and then click on Add.

After plugin is added you will have to select the related disk (already defined - see above), click on plugin options then selected disk, and that's all! enjoy!


Bug fix, added settings link to error message

Jan 17, 2019


First version of DiskUsage

Jan 14, 2019