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I want to load lots of images (500 images up to 1000 images per page) with pagination to shorten the loading time of images and so that users can view images on several pages or in several groups of images. How to do it?

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Hi Endi! Unforuntately the plugin does not provide any such functionality out of the box, and I will not be able to implement it in the near future - perhaps in September I can find time. If you're up to getting your hands dirty, you can try and implement it yourself. First, find a good Javascript library to help you with this task. One very popular library you might be able to use is "Infinite Scroll" and "Masonry" by Desando. You can use the "Image List Only" feature of November Gallery to get a list of your images and then combine it with Desandro's scripts to create your infinite scroll gallery.

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