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After installing november-gallery in my OctoberCMS project and adding few galleries, i'll try to integrate galleryHub to my Layout / Page / Partial and in all cases i get an error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Partial '::default.htm' not found.").

/home/zzz/domains/ line 28

Plug-in reinstalling had not resolved the problem ;( Can you help me with this problem?

Event log: 0[internal function]:Cms\Classes\Controller->renderPartial('::default.htm') 1/home/zzzzz/domains/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array) 2/home/zzzzz/domains/ Cms\Classes\ComponentBase->renderPartial('@default.htm') 3/home/zzzzz/domains/ ZenWare\NovemberGallery\Components\GalleryHub->onRender() 4/home/zzzzz/domains/ Cms\Classes\Controller->renderComponent('galleryHub', Array) 5/home/zzzzz/domains/ Cms\Twig\Extension->componentFunction('galleryHub', Array)

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Dmitrij, I see that you wrote on GitHub, email, and Gitter as well. Let's see if we can resolve your situation on Gitter/email, and we will post the result of our troubleshooting here once we have resolved your issute. Thanks!

Hi Dmitrij,

We discussed this over email. For anyone else having similar issues, please refer to this page in the November Gallery cookbook

If you have further questions please write to me on Gitter again! Thanks.

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