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I just upgraded the Octobercms System to version 2.1 with the Zenware.NovemberGallery plugin version 1.0.12. Previously my website's image gallery display was fine, but now it shows only the default image ("Image Not Found"). But when I click the default image that is displayed in big screen mode is the image I uploaded. Please help..

Hi Endi, OctoberCMS made some breaking changes in their recent updates, so you will have to upgrade your NovermberGallery plugin to v2.0. Also, if you have the Image Resizer plugin still installed, please disable or uninstall it. Most of its functionality has been migrated to core, you can read more about that here: oc-imageresizer-plugin is being migrated to core

Endi, you may need to take some manual steps when you upgrade to the newest version. Please see the "Upgrade" tab on the Plugin page on the marketplace.


Hi, I have followed your instructions. I now have NovemberGallery version 2.0.1 on the Octobercms 2.1.23 build system.

Gallery can now display images, but is limited to images with jpg, gif and png extensions only. Previously (in older versions of NovemberGallery) I was able to display images with webp extension. Is this possible because at that time I was using the ResponsiveImages plugin. Please advice for me..Thanks Laszlo

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Hi Endi,

Unfortunately there is not much I can do.

Previously NovemberGallery used the "Image Resizer" plugin created by Matthew Pawley. Matthew decided not to continue developing the plugin, so it is no longer compatible with OctoberCMS v2.x. Later, the OctoberCMS team decided to port most of the functionality over to the core OctoberCMS application. This was before the big argument they had over whether to start charging for OctoberCMS, after which a part of the core team left to start WinterCMS.

So since NovemberGallery is no longer able to use the "Image Resizer" plugin it is no longer able to handle the webp extension.

You can opt to move over to WinterCMS, and install v1.0.12 of NovermberGallery from GitHub, that will still work with the "Image Resizer" plugin. Or just convert your .webp images to .png or .jpg.

Best of luck, Laszlo

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