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Is it possible to use this plugin on other themes, like Octaskin?

I got the plugin to install fine, but when I copy/paste the code from the documentation into my template, the form doesn't send (there aren't even field names for the inputs).

Apologies for such a novice question, I'm completely new to October!


yes you can add it to any theme.

In documentation code is for reference. You have to use Components in backend to add to any layout or page.

Steps to add:

Click on CMS menu

Open any page where you want to add contact form

click on Components on left menu

drag Simple Contact Component on page where you want to add it

to change html or classes:

click on Component where you add form in your html

a fork icon will appear on top right corner of editor, clicking on it will reveal the html

Hope that helps


Thanks so much, it's working!

One thing I cannot figure out -- I edited the mail template in backend to show the phone # and subject for notification emails. Subject shows when viewing the html version of the email notification.. if I view in plaintext, subject is blank.

Phone is not displaying on either. Did I miss a step?

Edit: Not sure if it is a coincidence or what, but I ran php artisan cache:clear & all the fields are sending now. :)

Thanks for offering this plugin @jawainc16180 !

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