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Issue with Submit Button

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Hey Community,

First off this is a great plugin for contact forms and I really like the way its setup. However when i try to use the plugin for a client theme for whatever reason the submit button becomes disabled. I've checked the settings countless times to ensure that it is not something with the settings but to no avail. When I inspect the submit button element I notice that a "disabled" attribute keeps getting added on like so:

<button id="simpleContactSubmitButton" type="submit" class="btn button" disabled="">

Any idea's why this is happening as this is issue is keeping users from being able to submit messages successfully.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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submit button only disabled when form is submitted. can you provide more information like any script errors in developer console.


I'll take a look at the console for errors, However by default without the form being even submitted the button is in the disabled state.

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