A plugin for discussing published content. Features email reply notifications and a reload free posting experience.

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I just bought your plugin and, I am sorry to say so, but the implementation feels hastily and lazy.

  1. Forking the component, the plugin simply stops working. (Probable reason: You're using onRender(). I would suggest changing this to onRun() (if possible), which would enable us to fork components, as documented ( I know we could also
  2. When logged in, hitting enter with an empty textarea, I get a dutch error message, which is hardcoded in your form.htm (Uw naam is een verplicht veld.). In fact, you're spitting out the same error message no matter the error (???).
  3. No rate limiting, in a comments plugin!
  4. None of the messages are translatable.
  5. The backend interface leaves a lot to desire. It's not even possible to multi select comments and delete them. Instead, we have to go into every single comment, and hit delete...
  6. No permissions other then a global single one. Really lazy. The bare minimum would have been 2 permissions, access the settings, and access the backend editor.

All in all, it feels very much unpolished. With a little bit of effort, you could really take your plugin to another level. Granted, it's really cheap, so there's that.

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Sorry to hear that you are not fully satisfied with the plugin. We've not worked on this plugin for quite some time, but we always appreciate feedback. Be it, negative or positive ;)

We've looked at the things you've said and while some are some minor bugfixes, there are also some new features. We can look what we can fix in the near future, but unfortunately we will not be able to add /fix all of the things you mentioned within a reasonable timeframe.

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