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Hi M55378,

I will let our developer look into this!

Kind regards,


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Sorry to hear this. We'll investigate this as this does not suppose to happen.

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Hi there!

Make sure you've included the core files for OctoberCMS's Javascript Framework. You can ea...

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We're sorry you are experiencing some trouble setting up our plugin. If you want it to work with...

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If you are talking about the front-end, you can easily override the component partials. More informa...

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This is possible!

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Our sincere apologies for the delay in response.

Let assume you have attached the comments to the P...

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Hi! You can get the total amount of comments by calling the count field on the comments relation.

Posted in How to get total count of comment into a specific post

Unfortunately our plugin does not have this feature. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

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Have you added any new features to this plugin or is this still the same as the original one?

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