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Upon frontpage loading of the slider, titles and/or descriptions of all slides are displayed for around a second at the left side of the page before the entire slides are loaded. Tested in IE11 and FF 49x. Any idea what could be wrong, i.e.any workaround possible? I have tried it as well with disabling the jquery load (= I use my own from the theme), but same result



This is sometimes due to the fact that the slider is not initialized until the whole DOM has been loaded, so if the page is large and takes a long time to load this flash can be slightly longer than some might want. One option is to hide the slider until it has been initialized. This can be done by doing something like this:

.slick-slider-{{ID of your slide show}} { display: none; }
.slick-slider-{{ID of your slide show}}.slick-initialized { display: block; }

If you have a public URL for the site I would be happy to take a look as well and see if there might be another reason for this issue.

Best, Pete

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