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Hi Lamin

I hope you are well and my message finds you in good health. Im trying to setup the contact form plugin that you've created with the default code you've provided. Iv read the Documentation on how the setup is meant to take place.

Iv connected everything accordingly("Set the necessary settings of the Flexi Contact Settings in marketing area in the backend of the octoberCMS and filled all the fields as instructed, included the default data attributes to the HTML markup as mentioned on your Github repo for this specific plugin, Included the component on the page where the plugin will be used and lastly included the framework and framework extras in my js.htm file above the {% scripts %} ").

The form shows sent ("If all the required fields are filled in"), but when I check my mail...Nothing there's no email, am I missing anything here?

I'm using a custom theme just so you know. Your help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Muneeb Rabaney

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