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Hello guys,

I am new to OctoberCMS and i want to use this wonderful yet very flexible and supporitve plugin in one of my OctoberCMS project but here are my concerns while i am trying to use it in my current project.

Currently i am using October's Static pages plugin https://octobercms.com/index.php/plugin/rainlab-pages and i want to create one contact page here and want to show my custom form here which is not working.

1) I simply downloaded "Flexi Contact" plugin and created a new "Static Page".

2)Then i created one "Snippets" in "Partial" and inside it, for now i just dragged and dropped Component only of Flexi Contact plugin.

3) Then i went back to my static contact page and included this "snippet" in my pages and clicked on "preview".

I am able to see a form there in this new page but as soon as i click on submit button, validations not firing and instead i am getting alert message saying "AJAX handler 'contactForm::onMailSent' was not found" ..

can someone guide me how to accomplish this ? i want to have my contact form working in static page instead of CMS page ..

Thank you

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This is my curent thread if you can understand and anwer it https://github.com/octobercms/october/issues/2472

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