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markus hochhold
markus hochhold

I have a problem with displaying the content in the frontend. If I change a static page everything works fine, but after some time I don't get the correct content anymore. Instead of the content I get the following code. After I saved the page in the backend(without a change) or removing the content of the cache folder the content ist displayed correct. I have 3 Explorer snippets on the page and have 2 languages, and in most cases it is just in one language.

 <figure class="fr-draggable" contenteditable="false" data-component="Inetis\DownloadManager\Components\Browser" data-inspector-class="Inetis\DownloadManager\Components\Browser" data-inspector-css-class="hero" data-inspector-id="inspectorid-508202173902" data-name="Explorer" data-property-displaysubfolders="0" data-property-displaytitle="true" data-property-path="{{ :path }}" data-property-rootfolder="28" data-snippet="downloadManagerBrowser1" data-ui-block="true" draggable="true" tabindex="0">&nbsp;</figure>

I'm using the following plugins:

  • Static Pages
  • Translate
  • User
markus hochhold
markus hochhold

I've found something in the static pages github.

It is quite similar, but in my case it appears later in time.


Thanks for using our plugin!
Like you pointed, this seems to be an issue between RainLab Page & Translate plugins.

We can only suggest you to follow their recommendations or (as a temporary & not recommended workaround) register the following event in your own plugin to clear cache:

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