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Thanks for your feedback. Iput your idea on the wish list. We'll evalutate them for our next release...

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To edit some fields in the "$data" array before sending e-mails I edited the line 47 in the "\pl...

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The new feature added in 1.0.3 is the ability to choice witch backend user can see the plugin (n...

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Yes it's the limitation of Static Page, you can't browse inside directory (only see and downl...

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I got the same problem and I could fix it. Made a pull request on the project repo, but it is still ...

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One way to do it is to extend the user profile with custom fields.

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Dropbox has removed it's API v1 yesterday, so the upload doesn't work anymore with this plugin.

I ha...

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Thanks, I'll test it

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Thanks for your reply. Can't wait to test it on 420. I really like the ability to add it to every M...

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Just after the install I got:

InvalidArgumentException thrown with message "Attribute [controller] d...

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