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Hi there! Want to share my receipt for the case, when we need to show popup only after some period of time we've shown it. In my example I show the popup after page refresh again only if 1 hour passed. You need to create theme/partials/Popupconvertor/default.htm where you copy the code from plugin's components dir default.htm. Then add this snippet:

    var date = new Date();
    date.setHours(date.getHours() - 1);
    var dateStr = date.getTime();

    if(localStorage.getItem('pop_date_shown') < dateStr) {
        var dateNew = new Date();
        var dateNewStr = dateNew.getTime();

        localStorage.setItem('pop_date_shown', dateNewStr);
// the code showing popup

By the way, added review of your plugin to my OctoberCMS blog:

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Thank you for this new case and for review on your blog. We will prepare a new version where you will have a new type of popup named "after some minutes" (not seconds) and, on this case we will keep in browser memory the timing and will not be executed after the page was refreshed.


A new update is done and includes also your needed functionality. Please see details about today's update:

2019-10-31 on edit a popup you can copy paste directly the code into your page for popup type "after some seconds" the user may change the page but when he came back, of the time is there and he is on that page he will see the popup. This is helpful for big time like: show a popup after one hour (as example) after 2 hours, if the user will come back again on the web he will see again the popups that are set up, otherwise he will see them only once. Example 1: set up an exit popup, when the user wants first to go out he will see the popup, if the user open it again and want again to go out he will not see it anymore, only after another 2 hours. Example 2: if you set up a "after some seconds" popup type and you set up 10 seconds. After the user will get the popup after 10 seconds, he refresh the page and he will not see it again after those 10 seconds, only if he enter again after 2 hours.


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