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Hi, thanks for report, I'll check it shortly

Posted in Stripe payment method unavailable

Hello, thanks for reporting. I'll investigate this question shortly

Posted in Compatibility with October 2.0

check if user is not null https://github.com/tymondesigns/jwt-auth/blob/develop/src/JWTAuth.php#L84

Posted in How do I check if user is logged-in?

Hello! 1) You can't override plugin's routes. If you describe why you need it I could think how to s...

Posted in JWT Auth API How to override the 'routes'

mugunth said:

Hi Vdomah, I also got this error while installing your Roles plugin.

I made the foll...

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Still same error. Plugin seems to be abandoned

Posted in Incompatibility with latest OctoberCMS

Hi, thanks for reporting. I'll investigate the issue!

Posted in Bug on permission assignment

Made fix in new version 1.3.8

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Hello! Thanks for report, will fix shortly

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Here are two cases: independent variables like {{ postUrl }} and entity attributes like {{ post.cont...

Posted in Text messages work except for the {{whatever}} syntax