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Still same error. Plugin seems to be abandoned

Posted in Incompatibility with latest OctoberCMS

Hi, thanks for reporting. I'll investigate the issue!

Posted in Bug on permission assignment

Made fix in new version 1.3.8

Posted in New user registration error

Hello! Thanks for report, will fix shortly

Posted in New user registration error

Here are two cases: independent variables like {{ postUrl }} and entity attributes like {{ post.cont...

Posted in Text messages work except for the {{whatever}} syntax

Hi! The "Payment using MakeOrder component" should be handled by Shopaholic. To have it working you ...

Posted in Payment process

Hello! Great question! I haven't tried to use Backend User, but it seems to be possible. You need to...

Posted in Support for backend User.

please provide your postman request details

Posted in POSTMAN POST /api/signup - Page Not Found

I mean you need to copy vendor packages not in root vendor but in plugins/lovata/omnipayforshopaholi...

Posted in Installing issue

thanks for your feedback. I will add possibility to define configs from files. But for now it's poss...

Posted in Where put the config for Facebook or other driver?