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thank you for creating support ticket. I'll fix the issue shortly. Do you use the latest version of ...

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use Backend\Widgets\Form;
use Flynsarmy\SocialLogin\SocialLoginProviders\SocialLoginProviderBase;

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Settings::set('apikey', uniqid());

This code breaks october:migrate when deploying project.

Posted in apikey insert attempt when system_settings table is not present yet

The plugin's migration only check if RainLab.Blog is present in the project. But doesn't check if ra...

Posted in Database problem with Blog plugin

jlarson69874 said:

vdomah said:

Hi, thanks for report, I'll check it shortly

Is it possible for m...

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new plugin version available: 1.0.5 Stripe payment method to Stripe Charge; Stripe Payment Intents a...

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Adding this to your PaymentCardForm.php file (adding the function inside the ComponentSubmitForm I ...

Posted in Stripe payment method unavailable

Hello, Robin Added new version to the plugin with new method and code example. Please see "Payment I...

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Have you gotten anywhere with this? I am also trying to use this plugin for Shopaholic but it seems...

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Vojta Svoboda said:

I've updated Plugin.php to this:

use Lovata\OmnipayShopaholic\Classes\Helper\Pa...

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