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Hi there.

Thanks for the great plugin!

I just ran into a new issue on my site.

When I try to login via google or facebook with a completely new email address - I get the following error: Cannot login user "" as they are not activated.

We require that a user is activated before they can write any reviews etc.on our site. Does your plugin automatically activate users via the RainLab.User Plugin? Unfortunately we can't find anything in the documentation.

Please advise, thanks!


Further ref to the error:

401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413

     * Activation is required, user not activated
    if ($this->requireActivation && !$user->is_activated) {
        $login = $user->getLogin();
        throw new AuthException(sprintf(
            'Cannot login user "%s" as they are not activated.', $login

    $this->user = $user;

New users should be registered as per the second argument here. Not sure why it's not working. I don't have time to test or debug this plugin at the moment so if you fiddle around with the code, do some dumps and figure out what's going on and send a PR it'd be much appreciated.


Hi there. Ok will definitely have a look to see and keep you updated, thanks!


Hi there.

Just to be more clear - we are looking at the activation aspect of the user - not the registering. The plugin works fine to register the user - but we require them to be registered even if the site requires them to also be activated. So the plugin is functioning properly but isn't catering for the activation requirement - which seems to be the problem. We are looking into a solution to override the activation requirement for social login.

Some more info from the rainlab.user plugin:

Activation Activation is a process of vetting a user who joins the site. By default, users are activated automatically when they register and an activated account is required to sign in.

The Activation mode specifies the activation workflow:

Automatic: This mode will automatically activate a user when they first register. This is the same as disabling activation entirely and is the default setting. User: The user can activate their account by responding to a confirmation message sent to their nominated email address. Administrator: The user can only be activated by an administrator via the back-end area. You can allow users to sign in without activating by switching Sign in requires activation to the OFF setting. This is useful for minimising friction when registering, however with this approach it is often a good idea to disable any "identity sensitive" features until the user has been activated, such as posting content. Alternatively, you could implement a grace period that deletes users (with sufficient warning!) who have not activated within a given period of time.

Users have the ability to resend the activation email by clicking Send the verification email again found in the Account component.


hi greggunner, I am very much interested in this plugin, please tell me if you are still facing the issue. Because I too require my users to activate first.

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