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  • Added on Jul 2, 2014
  • Current version: 1.1.3
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x use latest
    v1.x use latest
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The Social Login plugin for October CMS allows customers to register and log in to your site with their Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media accounts. The login page is completely customisable and can theme seamlessly into any October site.


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Extensible! Don't see one you want? Add it!

New! Backend login support. Check the 'Enabled on backend?' checkbox on a per-provider basis in Settings - Social Login.

Have a feature suggestion? Found a bug or need support?

Please use the contact form on my website and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I usually respond within a few hours depending on timezone differences.

A login page with social log sign in links


This plugin relies on RainLab.User, so make sure you have that installed.

Go to System - Updates and in the search field enter Flynsarmy.SocialLogin


  • Fill in any required credentials in System - Social Login, making sure the Enabled? checkbox is ticked when you're done.
  • Add User - Account and Social Login components to your login page
  • Copy /plugins/rainlab/user/components/account/signin.htm to your themes partials/account folder
  • Where you want your login links, add
    {% for name, link in social_login_links %}
    <a href="{{ link }}">{{ name }}</a>
    {% endfor %}

    Remember that you can format it any way you like.


Sometimes you'll want to decide which page to redirect to on login/error. For example perhaps you have a log in page before checkout in an ecommerce plugin and want to redirect to the cart on login. This can be done by appending the following query string values to your login links:

Query String Param Default Description
s / Success page redirect URL (relative)
f /login Error page redirect URL (relative)

Example usage:

{% for name, link in social_login_links %}
    <a href="{{ link }}?s={{ 'home'|page }}&f={{ 'login'|page }}">{{ name }}</a>
{% endfor %}


Developers can change the way logins are handled through several events detailed below.

Event Parameters Description
flynsarmy.sociallogin.handleBackendLogin array $provider_details, array $user_details, User $user Triggers before backend login. Return true to halt the login process
flynsarmy.sociallogin.handleLogin array $provider_details, array $user_details, User $user Triggers before frontend login. Return true to halt the login process
flynsarmy.sociallogin.registerUser array $provider_details, array $user_details Triggers before registering a new user for attaching to a social account. Optionally return a User object

Other Notes

Twitter doesn't return an email address, so when logging in with Twitter, a new user account is created and associated with the Twitter account.


To get your login page looking how mine is in the marketplace screenshot here's my /themes/travu/partials/account/signin.htm:

<form id="login" data-request="onSignin">
    <div class="form-group">
        <label for="userSigninEmail">Email</label>
        <input name="email" type="email" class="form-control" id="userSigninEmail" placeholder="Enter your email">

    <div class="form-group">
        <label for="userSigninPassword">Password</label>
        <input name="password" type="password" class="form-control" id="userSigninPassword" placeholder="Enter your password">

    <p align="right">
        or sign in with
        {% for name, link in social_login_links %}
            <a href="{{ link }}" class='login {{ name|lower }}'><i class="fa fa-2 fa-{{ name|lower }}"></i></a>
        {% endfor %}

    <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default">Sign in</button>
  • Found the plugin not useful on 27 Jul, 2023

    I got an error on /flynsarmy/sociallogin/Facebook

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed Backend fetch failed

    Guru Meditation: XID: 885537364

    Varnish cache server

  • Found the plugin useful on 11 Feb, 2019

    can you help me please,, i get error like this

    Object of class RainLab\User\Classes\UserRedirector could not be converted to string

    i can't resolve this issue

  • Found the plugin useful on 20 Jan, 2019

    This is a great plugin! I'm able to log in using Facebook. But I have a problem when login using google. When I try to log in using google, it shows up the login page provided by Google. The problem is it redirect to my login page but not login to my website. What should I do?

  • Found the plugin useful on 17 Oct, 2018

    Works great, really enjoy the fact that you've included so many Events.

    One minor change you should consider. I, for one, am allowing users to make custom usernames (so not their e-mail), which causes an error in the find() method on this line: $user = Auth::findUserByLogin( $user_details['email'] );

    You should consider either making an Event here as well or look up the user by Email instead of by login.

  • Found the plugin useful on 14 Apr, 2018

    how can i add other social?

  • Found the plugin useful on 10 Apr, 2018

    How to get the token secret and How to add another provider like ok.ru or vk.com

  • Found the plugin useful on 20 Feb, 2018

    If you have issue regarding

    Class '\Laravel\Socialite\SocialiteServiceProvider' not found

    just delete plugin, or, in Plugin.php file comment out line 67,68 App::register('\Laravel\Socialite\SocialiteServiceProvider'); AliasLoader::getInstance()-&gt;alias('Socialite', 'Laravel\Socialite\Facades\Socialite');

    and then run in console

    composer require laravel/socialite

  • Found the plugin useful on 21 Jan, 2018

    Successfully installed in one of my website but failed on the other. I don't know why. Added on composer and updated then installed on both websites with the same procedure. Can you help? Step by step.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 28 Nov, 2017

    after installing i have a error

    Class '\Laravel\Socialite\SocialiteServiceProvider' not found

  • Found the plugin useful on 30 Sep, 2017

    Had a bad day because of this plugin. Just not able to use specific 1.0.16 version. On installation, it does 1.0.18 which requires whole system to be upgraded (which currently is throwing errors). Anyway I can just use the 1.0.16?

  • Found the plugin useful on 21 Apr, 2017

    Works as expected. Thank you!

  • Found the plugin useful on 7 Apr, 2017

    Usefull but facebook changed it's login API so need to update the plugin because now it's not working.

  • Found the plugin useful on 3 Jul, 2016

    Super useful, only one problem, login only one user, i hope so fixed this.

  • Found the plugin useful on 3 Aug, 2015

    Great contribution to the community. Easy to set up and use. Thanks!

  • Found the plugin useful on 6 Jul, 2015

    Hello. Great job! It would be nice if can set permissions on backend.


  • Found the plugin useful on 12 Mar, 2015

    hi does this plugin has been updated as per RC? i have purchased this plugin and want to use with RC of OctoberCMS.

  • author

    Replied on 4 Jun, 2015

    Yes this plugin works with the RC (now 1.0).

  • Found the plugin useful on 7 Jan, 2015

    It's useful, thank you.

  • Found the plugin useful on 6 Dec, 2014

    Extensible! Don't see one you want? Add it! could you provide some documentation to add another social media for this one thanks for great plugin !!


Fix session data persistence

Feb 04, 2023


Syntax fix for October 3, add flynsarmy.sociallogin.extendUserBeforeRegister event.

Aug 25, 2022


Minor bug fix

Oct 11, 2021


!!! Updated to HybridAuth 3.7. Test logging in on each enabled provider after updating!

Oct 11, 2021


Fix for databases that don't support defaults on TEXT fields

Sep 18, 2019


Check user avatars correctly

Jul 28, 2019


SQLite compatibility fix

Jun 29, 2019


Fix user registration

Jun 23, 2019


Fix twitter login

Jun 23, 2019


Fix backend errors when settings have not yet been added

Jun 22, 2019


Fix facebook login

Jun 22, 2019


Switch back to HybridAuth

Jun 20, 2019


Bug fix in Rainlab.Users pages

Oct 01, 2018


Update socialite

May 20, 2018


Upgrade to latest socialite

Mar 11, 2018


Add backend permission requirement

Oct 15, 2017


!!! Requires October build 420 or higher.

Aug 27, 2017


Fixed issue registering new users

May 01, 2017


!!! Important update with breaking changes.

Apr 29, 2017


Compatibility fix with RainLab.GoogleAnalytics

Feb 01, 2017


Singleton trait fix

Feb 15, 2016


Deprecated code fix, settings page fix

Feb 15, 2016


Update login providers

Feb 15, 2016


Modified table key name

Dec 21, 2015


Don't add multiple Google associations to users

Apr 24, 2015


Google login fix

Mar 15, 2015


RC compatibility update

Feb 21, 2015


Rename login to username to match RainLab.Users latest update

Oct 16, 2014


Add login details when registering users

Oct 08, 2014


Fix password confirmation error

Sep 03, 2014


User registration bug fix

Aug 21, 2014


Fixed RainLab.User integration

Jul 28, 2014


Require RainLab.User

Jul 15, 2014


First version of SocialLogin

Jul 04, 2014

Upgrade guide

Upgrading to 1.0.16

Version 1.0.16 of the Social Login plugin is a significant rewrite with a few breaking changes. We've moved from a much older login provider library to Laravel Socialite. This should provide reliability improvements when logging in solving many of the issues users were experiencing.

Before Updating

  • In Admin go to Settings - Social Login and copy your login providers' settings. Some of these may need to be re-entered. You can just paste the same details back in again.

After Updating

  • Paste your copied login provider settings back in the Settings - Social Login area of admin if they've disappeared.
  • If you have any third party plugins extending Social Login by adding extra login providers, they may need to require in new dependencies if they were relying on the old packages Social Login used. Your developer will need to handle this one. If you only see Google, Facebook and Twitter in Settings - Social Login area of admin then you probably don't need to worry about this.

Other FAQ

  • No changes are needed on the frontend of your site.
  • Frontend users will not need to reassociate their social accounts with your site. Everything will keep working for them provided you follow the backend steps above.