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Force update should always take you to the latest build. Are you getting any error message?

Posted in edgeupdates not working

Try this

User::select('*')->addSelect(Db::raw("CONCAT(first_name,' ',last_name) as full_name"))->whe...

Posted in Column concatenation in database queries

The frontend and alignment is specified in your theme. You can align images using CSS.

Posted in Image misalignment frontend vs backend

Try using the filterFields method:

Posted in how to solve this?

If you want to remove it this is how I do it. Add this to your plugin registration file:

public func...

Posted in How to move media tab to somewhere else

The documentation shows how to implement this behaviour in your model:

Posted in "The model must implement the NestedTree or Sortable Trait" reordering RainLab plugin developer.

alexandra50613 said:

the activation email link simply goes back to the signup form. But doesn't act...

Posted in RainLab.user -- No activation email is sent to new user

Try installing the test plugin to see if the bug happens there, the Countries item uses repeaters ex...

Posted in Repeater in repeater causes data loss after reordering

What error do you see?

Posted in Error on settings page "Class 'Socialite' not found"

The value was created and was traded for agreed units of value. If more value is owed then maybe thi...

Posted in Ungrateful customers