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@smartyou.info38981 thanks for the fix. I've implemented it and it should be available on the market...

Posted in Issue in UserManager class

PR merged and a new release has been put out. Thanks!

Posted in Breaking on build 420

New users should be registered as per the second argument here. Not sure why it's not working. I don...

Posted in Cannot login user "" as they are not activated.

This should now be fixed in version 1.0.17. Thanks for the report!

Posted in Error in UserManager Class

Twitter doesn't provide email addresses so I generate an @dev.null email when logging in for the fir...

Posted in E-mail address in tweeter api

The update has been pushed. Let me know if this fixes your issue.

Posted in Conflict with RainLab.GoogleAnalytics

Hey jiiis. This is now fixed however I can't push the update as git doesn't work on this internet co...

Posted in Conflict with RainLab.GoogleAnalytics

Hey jiiis. When exactly do you get the error? Is it when as you return to your site upon login after...

Posted in Conflict with RainLab.GoogleAnalytics

I just installed a fresh copy of october, added my plugin, ran php artisan ide-helper:generate from ...

Posted in Cannot run artisan ide-helper:generate anymore, since dependency update

Hey Cian,

Have you selected a menu from the menu component attached to your layout?

Posted in Call to a member function getDefaultSettings() on null