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After Upgrade of Octobercms to the latest Version, Build 376, the slideshow plugin does not work anymore:

Error Information

List column type "checkbox" could not be found.

Type Undefined Exception October\Rain\Exception\ApplicationException

../modules/backend/widgets/Lists.php line 900

        if (is_callable($callback)) {

            return call_user_func_array($callback, [$value, $column, $record]);
    throw new ApplicationException(sprintf('List column type "%s" could not be found.', $type));
 * Process as text, escape the value
protected function evalTextTypeValue($record, $column, $value)

In addition a bug Prior upgrade also was: if you entered anything in the date or link fields, the slides will NOT be shown. Only if you had left all fields blank it was ok ...


Thanks for the information, I'll try to see what changed in OctoberCMS, I'm not aware of the last versions :)

Art and Code Studio
Art and Code Studio

You can fix this by remove type: checkbox in [plugin-path]/models/slide/columns.yml

        label: jumplink.slideshow::lang.columns.slide.is_published
        span: left
        #type: checkbox

There have been similar issues as of late:

The "type: checkbox" has not been covered there yet. I will look around some more to see if there is already another open issue for this, and if not, file a new one.

The changelog says:

Build 376
Plugins can now register custom list column types (see Backend > Lists docs). Oct 21, 2016

Maybe this new feature broke something with existing normal list types.

Edit: It seems rather, the new version just made the columns.yaml parsing less error tolerant, since the type "checkbox" seems to have never been defined for list columns, and I seem to remember that the only display there was "0" or "1". (Type "switch" would do the job, giving "Yes" or "No" instead of "0" or "1".)

So, in short: Earlier this would just have defaulted to the default type "text", because column type "checkbox" does not exist. Now with custom column type definitions, October is actually trying to find such a column type, but there is none defined.

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