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Then it's indeed because you don't tell the Component which Slideshow you would like to displa...

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Hey @fabio13290, it seems to me like a 404 error, you are trying to access a page displaying a Slide...

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Thanks for using this plugin :)

Sorry for the late answer, I have a very hard time at work at t...

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I am personaly using mysql 5.7.9 locally, with the only_full_group_by option aswell.

However, I do n...

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Hey Pat, thanks for reporting that ;

I never had such an issue myself, could you please tell me wher...

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Thanks for the information, I'll try to see what changed in OctoberCMS, I'm not aware of the last ve...

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Hey Nick,

Sorry for the delay, I am not sure to understand how exactly does the Static Pages plugin ...

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I never used it within the Static Pages plugin, I will try that tomorrow and let you know!

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Hey, sorry I missed the e-mail notifying me about this one.

I will think about a way to make that op...

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Hello Slouma,

If you use the slideshow Inspector to display a slideshow in either a page or a layou...

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