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This plugin allows you to add shortcuts links on front-end to redirect to the model's targeted back-end form.

You can easily from a back-end form:

  • Create a menu to create, update, preview or delete a model.
  • Chose the page(s) where the links should be displayed.
  • Chose the identifier from the url to retrieve and target the model: such as slug for blog post.
  • Display many models on a same page (example: Category and Post creation on blog's home page).
Rainlab.Blog's post crud shortcut

First step

The plugins depends on the RomainMazB.AdminBar plugin and its AdminBar component, you need to insert the component in your layout to displays the shortcuts. See the AdminBar documentation.

For example, I will use in this documentation the well known Rainlab.Blog plugin to display the CRUD shortcuts for Post model into the blog's pages located in the themes at pages/blog/home(url /blog) and pages/blog/post(url /blog/:slug).

Since home displays just a list of posts, it will only display the create action. post page displays a blogPost component, identified with :slug parameters, the plugin will display all available CRUD actions: create, update, delete (preview is not allowed with Rainlab.Blog)

Go to the settings

To configure the links, you need to go to the backend settings and search for the FrontEnd Model Editor links, then create your first link.


Fill the plugin namespace only: Rainlab\Blog

Model name

Fill the model class name: Post

Url parameters

Fill the url parameter with the one you've chosen in your theme's pages: slug

url = "/blog/:slug"

slug = {{ :slug }}
{% component 'blogPost' %}

Model name on link text

This is the text displayed in the AdminBar first-level menu: Post

Displayed actions

Select here the actions you want to displays, in our case: create, update and delete

  • create link will always be displayed in the selected pages
  • preview, update and delete links will be displayed in the selected pages ONLY IF a model is found with the url parameter, which is not the case in our example with the blog-home page, this page will only display the create action

Pages names

Insert here the pages names where the links should be displayed, in our case: blog-home and blog-post

The plugin uses $page->id, which identifies a sub-folder with a dash-notations. The page pages/blog/sub-folder/post.htm will be identified by blog-sub-folder-post

Use it with your custom plugin's models!

This plugin is not just for Rainlab.Blog plugin, it will work with all your custom plugin's models and all the marketplace's plugins.

As an example, you could use the namespace RomainMazB\RealEstate with the model HouseModel, and the plugin will create the CRUD shortcuts for it:

  • /backend/romainmazb/realestate/housemodels/create
  • /backend/romainmazb/realestate/housemodels/preview/9
  • /backend/romainmazb/realestate/housemodels/update/9
  • /backend/romainmazb/realestate/housemodels/update/9 with an ajax call to onDelete method

just select the appropriate pages you want to displays the links on.


Move the backend shortcut from main navbar to Settings>CMS

May 26, 2020



May 22, 2020