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  • Added on Sep 29, 2015
  • Current version: 1.1.0
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
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Based on Flash Message Plugin, but using the Sweet Alert library.



First version of Swal


Fix a problem using ajax to send Flash messages.


Add english translation


Fix custom options problems in javascript


Update sweetalert to 1.1.3
Add Confirmation message


Add global styles for ajax events


Fix problems with duplicate alerts on ajax redirect
Fix problems with wrong json export
Alert can be set to auto close, defining timer and setting showConfirmButton to false

New ajax event selector


From Setting / System / Updates panel, click on Install plugins button and write PlanetaDelEste.Swal.


After Swal 1.1.0 and OC build 397, ajax alerts require the data attribute data-request-flash ( Flash messages ) to see Flash messages without reload the page.

If data-validate-error are present, Swal doesn't show the alert.

The library $.oc.flashMsg was replaced with $.flashSwal

Custom Flash alerts

Setting panel You can customize the alert messages, creating custom settings. From Settings / CMS / Sweet Alert, you can create your own configuration. Read the sweetAlert documentation for setting options.


Here are the keys that you can use if you pass an object into sweetAlert:

Argument Default value Description
title null (required) The title of the modal. It can either be added to the object under the key "title" or passed as the first parameter of the function.
text null A description for the modal. It can either be added to the object under the key "text" or passed as the second parameter of the function.
type null The type of the modal. SweetAlert comes with 4 built-in types which will show a corresponding icon animation: "warning", "error", "success" and "info". You can also set it as "input" to get a prompt modal. It can either be put in the object under the key "type" or passed as the third parameter of the function.
allowEscapeKey true If set to true, the user can dismiss the modal by pressing the Escape key.
customClass null A custom CSS class for the modal. It can be added to the object under the key "customClass".
allowOutsideClick false If set to true, the user can dismiss the modal by clicking outside it.
showCancelButton false If set to true, a "Cancel"-button will be shown, which the user can click on to dismiss the modal.
showConfirmButton true If set to false, the "OK/Confirm"-button will be hidden. Make sure you set a timer or set allowOutsideClick to true when using this, in order not to annoy the user.
confirmButtonText OK Use this to change the text on the "Confirm"-button. If showCancelButton is set as true, the confirm button will automatically show "Confirm" instead of "OK".
confirmButtonColor #AEDEF4 Use this to change the background color of the "Confirm"-button (must be a HEX value).
cancelButtonText Cancel Use this to change the text on the "Cancel"-button.
closeOnConfirm true Set to false if you want the modal to stay open even if the user presses the "Confirm"-button. This is especially useful if the function attached to the "Confirm"-button is another SweetAlert.
closeOnCancel true Same as closeOnConfirm, but for the cancel button.
imageUrl null Add a customized icon for the modal. Should contain a string with the path to the image.
imageSize 80x80 If imageUrl is set, you can specify imageSize to describes how big you want the icon to be in px. Pass in a string with two values separated by an "x". The first value is the width, the second is the height.
timer null Auto close timer of the modal. Set in ms (milliseconds).
html false If set to true, will not escape title and text parameters. (Set to false if you're worried about XSS attacks.)
animation true If set to false, the modal's animation will be disabled. Possible (string) values : pop (default when animation set to true), slide-from-top, slide-from-bottom
inputType text Change the type of the input field when using type: "input" (this can be useful if you want users to type in their password for example).
inputPlaceholder null When using the input-type, you can specify a placeholder to help the user.
inputValue null Specify a default text value that you want your input to show when using type: "input"
showLoaderOnConfirm false Set to true to disable the buttons and show that something is loading.

Using the component

Component The component have only one optional setting. Select the configuration options. You can add the component to layout for a global use.


The component add the styles and javascript files. Require jQuery. Is important to attach the component in the page or layout with the markup {% component 'sweetAlertMessage' %}. This can be outside html tags.

{% component 'sweetAlertMessage' %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <title>October CMS - {{ this.page.title }}</title>

Styles added:

// Added in {% styles %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/plugins/planetadeleste/swal/assets/vendor/sweetalert/sweetalert.css">

Scripts added:

// Added in {% scripts %}
<script src="/plugins/planetadeleste/swal/assets/vendor/sweetalert/sweetalert.min.js"></script>
<script src="/plugins/planetadeleste/swal/assets/js/flash-swal.js"></script>
  • Found the plugin useful on 10 May, 2018

    Thank you for awesome plugin! Works out of the box!!!!!

  • author

    Replied on 16 May, 2018

    Many thanks @Roland !!!

  • Found the plugin not useful on 8 Jun, 2016

    Basicly the Plugin is useful. Unfortunately the global confirm alerts doesnt work. You can click on "ok" but the swal confirm only close and doesnt confirm it really

  • author

    Replied on 4 Jul, 2016

    @Mathis, can you provide a code example or explain the case this happen?

    I test Swal with request confirm and work fine.



Fix infinite ajax loop

Feb 21, 2017


Add dropdown in animation settings

Feb 06, 2017


Add themes in config settings

Jul 20, 2016


Fix problems with duplicate alerts on ajax redirect

Jan 15, 2016


Add global styles for ajax events

Jan 07, 2016


Update sweetalert to 1.1.3

Jan 06, 2016


Fix custom options problems in javascript

Jan 06, 2016


Add english translation

Sep 28, 2015


Fix a problem using ajax to send Flash messages.

Sep 24, 2015


First version of Swal

Sep 24, 2015