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Automatically logout authenticated front end user after configured timeout. Based on Renatio.Logout plugin, but for front end.

This plugin requires RainLab.User

You can specify the user logged in time without performing any action. Them, a notification alert prompt to continue or close session. If user doesn't do any action, the session was closed.

In backend settings, you can specify session lifetime, use notify alert and lifetime of current alert.

Backend Settings


From Setting / System / Updates panel, click on Install plugins button and write PlanetaDelEste.SignOut.


From backend, you can config many option.

Session lifetime
Specify in minutes, how long is the session.

Display alert of session timeout
Through this switch, can alert users of session next to close.

Alert lifetime Can set, in seconds, alert auto close timer.

Alert text
Write the alert text that users was see after session timeout. There are two special keys that you can use.
{timeout} - Replaced with a countdown with the remaining seconds after alert and session close. |Separate the text block to title and description alert. The alert js script used is SweetAlert. If use more that one character |, only was used the first two blocks.

Text button to close
Set the text for the "close", "cancel" button

Text button to continue
Set the text for the "continue" button


Component settings Component have only one option, is to load SweetAlert javascript library.


The component add the javascript files using {% put scripts %}. Is important to attach the component in the page or layout with the markup {% component 'SessionClose' %}. This can be outside html tags.

{% component 'SessionClose' %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <title>October CMS - {{ this.page.title }}</title>
  • Found the plugin useful on 5 Nov, 2022

    We can't close the popup with the button close. We have an exception in the Js file signout.js at the ligne 111. SignOut.prototype.close = function () { $.request('onLogout'); };

    signout.js:111 Uncaught TypeError: $.request is not a function

  • Found the plugin useful on 27 Mar, 2020

    I have a question. if you quit before the timeout limit and i reopen the site after the time limit has passed, I will log in without login. This is a bug or like this, the plugin working?

  • Found the plugin not useful on 7 Sep, 2017

    Plugin not working without 'Load javascript Library' selected. Getting this error : ReferenceError: swal is not defined (signout.js).

  • author

    Replied on 7 Sep, 2017

    Do you know, you can write issues in Support Page.? Don't write negative reviews of an issue report.

    About this issue, the idea of checkbox, is to let users the option to use your own Swal.js library version (loaded from another component or theme), and prevent to load multiple times the same JS.


Fix "Display session timeout alert OFF"

Jan 22, 2018


First version of SignOut

May 25, 2017