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  • Added on May 19, 2016
  • Current version: 1.0.4
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
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Display your MailChimp campaigns as blog posts.

Import your campaigns from MailChimp and save them as RainLab Blog posts. BlogChimp can remove html elements from each campaign and css properties from inline styles, like font-family, font, color, etc.

Page2Images Use Page2Images service to generate screenshots of your campaigns and display your posts as grid gallery.

Third-party free plugin requirements

This plugin extends the RainLab.Blog plugin and use AnandPatel.WysiwygEditors and PlanetaDelEste.Widgets

Backend Blog posts list with MailChimp and Page2Image columns


First, must need to install this plugins

Them install PlanetaDelEste.BlogChimp


MailChimp API

Generate the API key .

Remove campaign html elements

If you want to remove some html elements from your campaigns, add each one as CSS selectors.

#templatePreheader > table
Remove CSS styles

You can remove any CSS property of inline styles, like font, font-family, etc.

Page2Images (Optional)

Enable page2images

To use Page2Images, first, you must need to enable it. After that, you can set all options.

Rest Api key

Get your Api key from your account.

Left Calls

Display how many api call you have to do

Device to generate screenshots

The device to be used by p2i to generate the screenshot
Possible values are: iPhone4, iPhone5, Android, WinPhone, iPad, Android Pad, Desktop, iPhone6, iPhone6+

Page to make screenshot

Name of MailChimp post page to generate screenshot. Recommended to use a clean layout, without menu, headers and footers. Only with the component markup.

{% component 'blogPost' %}
Screen width and height

The screen size of device you want to simulate

Size width and height

The screenshot file size you want to get. Not the screen size of device. If you want a big image, you need enlarge the width and height. If you need a small one, you need reduce the width and height. But it will take some more time to download a big image than a small one.

Full page

Full page or just the screen area. If the value is 1 or true, we will take the full page screenshot. If the value is 0 or false, we will take the screen area only.

Wysiwyg Editor settings

Important! Don't use Markdown editor in RainLab Blog

Go to Settings > CMS > Wysiwyg Editor and Content tab to switch on Use for RainLab Blog? Use for RainLab Blog

Frontend Blog layout

See the RainLab.Blog Documentation to insert the blog components in your website. And read how to customize the default markup from the official October documentation.


Save Page2Images api response

May 18, 2016


Add Page2Images services

May 18, 2016


Create Campaign Model

May 18, 2016


First version of BlogChimp

May 18, 2016