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You can visit our Live Demo site. Sign in to backend using: login - manager, password - manager. You can deploy the demo site locally. To do so, you need to clone the repository, follow the steps from the "Installation guide", install the plugins. As a result, you will receive a copy of the demo site with a full database. Having a ready-made demo site example, you can easily learn how to operate the plugins.

Large Catalog Performance Live Demo

If you would like to know how our plugins perform with large catalogs of products, you can visit our Large Catalog Live Demo that has 21 000 products, 68 000 offers and 210 000 variations of property values.

Below are the performance characteristics for server setup: Dual Core CPU with 4GB of RAM.

For a catalog containing 210 products

Catalog page load time: 100-150 ms

Product list filtering time: 80-100 ms

For a catalog containing 21 000 products

Catalog page load time: 900-1100 ms

Product list filtering time: 500-600 ms


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General information

Related products plugin allows to bind similar products to a certain product. The related products are determined manually by the admin in the back-end, through the product card. The plugin further develops the customers user experience on your online shop, providing them with more convenient ways of finding products that most suit their personal preferences.

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© 2018, LOVATA Software Development Company under Commercial License.

Developed by Andrey Kharanenka.

The following plugins are required
This plugin is also included into the following bundles
The following themes use this plugin
Product form

The full plugin documentation is available here.

Plugin adds field 'related' to ProductItem class object.

"related" field in ProductItem object returns ProductCollection object with related products.

Example: render product list of related products on product page

slug = "{{ :slug }}"

{# Get product item #}s
{% set obProduct = ProductPage.get() %}
<div data-id="{{ obProduct.id }}">
    <h1>{{ obProduct.name }}</h1>

    {# Get list of related products #}
    {% set obProductList = obProduct.related.active() %}
    {% if obProductList.isNotEmpty() == true %}
            {% for obRelatedProduct in obProductList %}
                <li>{{ obRelatedProduct.name }}</li>
            {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
  • Found the plugin useful on 25 Feb, 2022

    Я думаю стоит добавить возможность импота для данного плагина

  • Found the plugin useful on 30 Oct, 2019

    Просто и быстро. Конечно подобную реализацию можно сделать самостоятельно. Но зачем, если это стоит 5$. После установки дополнительных танцев с бубнами не требуется, просто получаем связанный товар и выводим.


Change lists method to pluck method. Thanks for contribution Nick Khaetsky.

Apr 05, 2022


Added composer.json to plugin

May 01, 2021


Fixed dynamic method in ProductItem class. Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.28.1 and later.

Mar 03, 2020


Update license file

Aug 07, 2018


Add RelatedProductListStore class. Refactoring ProductModelHandler class. Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.10.0 and later.

Jun 21, 2018


Added check for isNested flag when expanding forms

Feb 23, 2018


Initialize plugin.

Feb 04, 2018