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Please, use the following credentials user:manager,password:manager for logging to the Dashboard.

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Free E-Commerce Bootstrap for Shopaholic theme is now available on October's marketplace. Check out the theme's live demo version. It demonstrates what you can build with Shopaholic and will soon have support for all our plugins and extensions. We will also constantly update it to cover all Shopaholic functionality.

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Let us know if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions! Just drop a line at shopaholic@lovata.com

Live Demo

You can visit our Live Demo site. Sign in to backend using: login - manager, password - manager. You can deploy the demo site locally. To do so, you need to clone the repository, follow the steps from the "Installation guide", install the plugins. As a result, you will receive a copy of the demo site with a full database. Having a ready-made demo site example, you can easily learn how to operate the plugins.

Large Catalog Performance Live Demo

If you would like to know how our plugins perform with large catalogs of products, you can visit our Large Catalog Live Demo that has 21 000 products, 68 000 offers and 210 000 variations of property values.

Below are the performance characteristics for server setup: Dual Core CPU with 4GB of RAM.

For a catalog containing 210 products

Catalog page load time: 100-150 ms

Product list filtering time: 80-100 ms

For a catalog containing 21 000 products

Catalog page load time: 900-1100 ms

Product list filtering time: 500-600 ms


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Required Plugins

Recommended Plugins

General information

Plugin adds integration with laravel-omnipay to your online store.

Get involved and contribute to the project

If you’d like to help us improve the project, you can do so in the following ways:

You can also visit LOVATA’s GitHub page.


© 2018, LOVATA Software Development Company under GNU GPL v3.

Developed by Andrey Kharanenka.

The following plugins are required
The following plugins extend or depend on the plugin
Payment method form

The full plugin documentation is available here. The full package documentation is available here.

Request to payment gateway is automatically send after order was created. You can use events to fully integrate your project and payment gateway.

Installation guide

Add ignited/laravel-omnipay package and omnipay gateway packages to the composer.json of your project.

    "require": [
       "ignited/laravel-omnipay": "2.*",
        "omnipay/authorizenet": "^2.4",
        "omnipay/buckaroo": "^2.1",
        "omnipay/cardsave": "^2.1",
        "omnipay/coinbase": "^2.0",
        "omnipay/common": "^2.5",
        "omnipay/dummy": "^2.1",
        "omnipay/eway": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/firstdata": "^2.3",
        "omnipay/gocardless": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/manual": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/migs": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/mollie": "^3.1",
        "omnipay/multisafepay": "^2.3",
        "omnipay/netaxept": "^2.3",
        "omnipay/netbanx": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/payfast": "^2.1",
        "omnipay/payflow": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/paymentexpress": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/paypal": "^2.6",
        "omnipay/pin": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/sagepay": "^2.3",
        "omnipay/securepay": "^2.1",
        "omnipay/stripe": "^2.4",
        "omnipay/targetpay": "^2.2",
        "omnipay/worldpay": "^2.2",
        "collizo4sky/omnipay-2checkout": "^1.4"

Execute below at the root of your project.

composer update

You can also install only packages and its dependencies without updating other packages by specifying the package.

composer require ignited/laravel-omnipay
  • Found the plugin useful on 30 Mar, 2021

    great plugin. We need installation guide for omnipay v3

  • Found the plugin useful on 10 Feb, 2021

    There are no examples on how to integrate this with shopaholic. You kinda have to study everything from varied places and put it together. and maybe get it to flow easily. Kinda defeats the purpose of having all these plugins.

  • author

    Replied on 16 Mar, 2021

    Hi Tumiso,

    Thx for your feedback. We're sorry, it's not clear from the plugin description.

    Please, let us explain. This plugin is a dependency for ready-made payment integration plugins (Paypal, Stripe, etc.). Or you can use it as a basis to develop your own ready-made payment integration for a provider supported by the OmniPay package. The guide can be found here.


Change lists method to pluck method. Thanks for contribution Nick Khaetsky.

Apr 05, 2022


Fixed error with Input class.

Nov 02, 2021


Added composer.json to plugin

May 02, 2021


Added support for omnipay v3. Thanks for contribution Sebastiaan Kloos.

Dec 28, 2020


Added processing "payment_gateway_purchase_data" and "payment_gateway_card_data" fields form request.

Mar 17, 2020


Updated payment gateway data, after adding taxes in main plugin.

Feb 27, 2019


Added processing of "return", "cancel" URLs. Added new events.

Aug 06, 2018


!!!Improved integration with payment gateways. Request to payment gateway is automatically send after order was created. Remove getPaymentGateway() method from OrderPage component. Requires Orders for Shopaholic plugin version 1.7.0 and later.

Aug 01, 2018


Fix: Saving gateway parameter values as string values of arrays.

Jun 25, 2018


Update logic for price field of Order model. Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.10.0 and later.

Jun 21, 2018


Fix settings in plugin.yaml

Dec 23, 2017


Initialize plugin.

Dec 06, 2017