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Careers plugin helps you to easily post job vacancies on your website. With the help of the careers plugin, you can manage job applications based on departments, skills, and categories.

The plugin comes with notification settings so that the person who is responsible for the recruitment never miss an application.


  1. Easy Setup with no overhead configurations

    • If you want to build your own careers page in no time you are in the right place. One-click setup of your own careers page.
  2. Add Dynamics to your Job post

    • Easily add skills required, Department, No of positions open, and job description to a job post. Create categories, work schedule, and add a location to your job post.
  3. Total Control with Handy Notifications

    • It provides the admin with an Application dashboard to sort and view all the applications. It also allows you to turn on email notifications for an application received, for as many email addresses as you wish.


The plugin contains some configuration settings which you may find useful. If you wish to request some additional settings you can put a feature request

Application Notification via Mail

Enable this feature if you receive emails when a candidate applies for the job.

Recipient Email Addresses

Once you enable the above feature you need to add a list of emails to whom you would like to send these emails.

List of Jobs in Backend

You can find the complete documentation of the website at https://oc-careers.fytinnovations.com



This component displays a list of published jobs along with filters by category, department and pagination for those long lists.


Value Description Default Required
detailsPage Name of the job details page file for the full job display. This property is used by the default component partial. job/details Yes
jobsPerPage Max number of job posts to display on the page. If it exceeds pagination is generated 5 Yes

Sample Page

title = "Jobs"
url = "/jobs"
layout = "default"
description = "This page displays a list of published jobs"
is_hidden = 0

detailsPage = "job/details"
jobsPerPage = 4
<div class="jumbotron title-js">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
            <div class="col-8">
                <p>We have been continuously growing from last 9 years. Join us and be a part of a change. See open
                    positions below</p>

<div class="container">
    {% component 'jobList' %}


This component displays information about a single job along with a form to apply for the job. This is built only for guest users.


Value Description Default Required
applicationSuccessMessage Message to display when the user applies for the job Thank you for applying for the job Yes
applicationSuccessRedirectPage Page to redirect when the application is successful /jobs Yes

Sample Page

title = "Job"
url = "/job/:job_slug"
layout = "default"
description = "This page displays a single job with a application form"
is_hidden = 0

applicationSuccessMessage = "Thank you for applying for the job. We will get back to you shortly"
applicationSuccessRedirectPage = "/jobs"
<div class="container m-t-lg">
    {% component 'jobDetails' %}

When the application is successful the user will be redirected to the page specified in the [applicationSuccessRedirectPage] property. To display the message set in the [applicationSuccessMessage] property you can add the following twig flash markup to the intended page.

    {% flash success %}
        <div class="alert alert-success">{{ message }}</div>
    {% endflash %}
  • Found the plugin useful on 3 Feb, 2023

    It need to be fixed.


    1. in components/JobDetails.php from Illuminate\Support\Facades\Input; to Illuminate\Support\Facades\Request as Input;
    2. in you need to add &lt;input name=&quot;_handler&quot; type=&quot;hidden&quot; value=&quot;jobDetails::onGuestApply&quot;&gt; under {{ form_ajax ... }}

  • Found the plugin not useful on 22 Nov, 2022

    Not worth paying for this plugin. Difficult to set up and not good documentation.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 20 Nov, 2022

    I purchased the plugin and later installed it correctly, including seeding sample data. But I'm not able to get the default careers page, or any job details page. My website link is https://staging.codevative.com/

  • Found the plugin useful on 3 Nov, 2020

    This is a very useful plugin, exactly what I needed. The developer is extremely fast in responding and the help is concrete and objective. Strongly recommended.

  • author

    Replied on 3 Nov, 2020

    Appreciate the Feedback


Minor Fixes

Dec 27, 2020


Minor migration fixes

Dec 27, 2020


Fix unpublished jobs getting displayed on JobDetails Component

Dec 26, 2020


Add getDocumentKeys() method to allow multiple file uploads to the plugins.

Dec 15, 2020


!!! Replace slug with job_slug in Job Details Component to prevent conflicts.

Dec 10, 2020


Add languages to job configuration master

Oct 16, 2020


Add WorkSchedule And WorkLocation

Oct 11, 2020


Add Types to Jobs Post

Oct 10, 2020


Make Language and Language Levels translatable and bug fixes.

Oct 06, 2020


Add Soft Delete Support for Applications

Sep 28, 2020


Seed Command does not refresh database.

Sep 15, 2020


Skills now belong to a category.

Sep 15, 2020


Allow Job List Filter to search for nested categories and departments.

Jul 30, 2020


Fix error when there is no application status

Jul 25, 2020


Minor composer fix

Jul 25, 2020


Add support for application statuses

Jul 25, 2020


Add nested support for category and departments

Jul 07, 2020


Maintain Timestamps for language attachment to jobs

Jul 01, 2020


Allow creation of dynamic language levels

Jul 01, 2020


Add languages support and some fields nullable

Jun 14, 2020


Add crsf token to application form

Jun 07, 2020


Make category, department and job title translatable

May 26, 2020


Update component markup to bootstrap 4

May 23, 2020


Add applicationSuccessRedirectPage property to JobDetails Component

May 01, 2020


!!! Remove Rainlab.User dependency

Apr 20, 2020


Change Published and Unpublished Icons.

Apr 09, 2020


Decrement application counter when application viewed.

Apr 05, 2020


Add command to seed sample data.

Apr 03, 2020


Add counter for new job applications

Apr 01, 2020


Add settings link to side nav.

Apr 01, 2020


Add links to download applicant's resume, view user details and edit applications.

Mar 27, 2020


Add rainlab.translate as a plugin dependency

Mar 27, 2020


First version of Careers

Mar 26, 2020

Upgrade Guide

Upgrading to 3.0.0

We have updated the Job Details Component to accept the job slug via the job_slug param instead of the slug. So you should update the URL of the Job Details page to page/:job_slug. This will help us prevent conflicts with other params to some extent.

If you have overriden the default component partial then you also need to update the the link to the job details page from page({ slug: job.slug }) to page({ job_slug: job.slug })

Upgrading to 2.0.0

As the User plugin dependency has been removed from the careers plugin all the applicant's details are now stored directly on the Application model

While updating the plugin all the user's data will be automatically migrated to the applications table. After that, you can delete the Users plugin from the system.