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Adds the d() function to Twig to recursively dump provided variables in the same manner as Laravel's dd() function. Unlike Twig's native dump() function, d() displays all nested members of the provided variables.

Twig d() Collection demo


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Thanks to Inetis for his original Twig Dump plugin from which I started this one.

OctoberCMS plugin that add Twig function d() for recursively dump passed variables only if app.debug is true


Dump a collection

{{ d(myVar) }}

Twig d() Collection demo

Dump multiple variables

{{ d(var1, var2) }}

dump mulitvars


Change Icon and add thanks to Inetis

Mar 02, 2018


Integrate debug conditional

Feb 27, 2018


First version based on Twig Dump

Feb 27, 2018