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I looked through the code and think I might have found the issue that caused it. Update to 1.0.2 and...

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Pushed an update that should have fixed it. Please verify!

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xanadus7914867 said:

Please consider to update the plugin as per the v2.0 https://silktide.com/real...

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Yeah, that plugin broke in a recent update and got removed from the marketplace. I will create an up...

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Thanks! Is Scott aware of this?

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Here's a temporary fix for the plugin: http://octobercms.com/forum/post/breaking-changes

Is Scott aw...

Posted in Any logo/avatar upload in backend errors out: QueryBuilder::getLocalRootPath

Cpt.Meatball said:

When I read this, I was like awesome! But when I read some more I got confused. ...

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Hi, I've been having trouble with a plugin I'm developing. It's super simple and just provides a twi...

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The thing is that if you simply want to provide helper functions or ui features specific for your te...

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jakobf said:

Translate Plugin does that, check it out

The request is for having it baked into the ...

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