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I have done a little port of this but never have finished. Do you want a public (GitHub repo) or...

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Homestead is part of Laravel - not October CMS. Have you tried another artisan commands, that are La...

Posted in Issue using artisan commands over homestead

No problem (:

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First, you must use the master branch of your plugin (GeoIp).

Second, I don't recommand using Larave...

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There is two way to send mail : html & text. HTML is the rich editor, and text, the plain editor. Ma...

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There is no avatar collumn in your migration file. You should put it, and then you can attach file.


Posted in Create a model with a image attached to it

daftspunk said:

IRC is a protocol, like the internet itself, it belongs to nobody.

The channel is...

Posted in Slack or Gitter chat?

-1 for Slack and Gitter. Slack is build for small team, and Gitter is not perfect.

+1 for Discord, f...

Posted in Slack or Gitter chat?

This is already added in the static pages plugins, but it should be add to CMS tab too.

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I have seen no way to report a product on the Marketplace.

For example, this use this free Templ...

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