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Clean full website-theme based on SKEL Framework. Easy to use and to extend.

Full support for HTML5 and CSS3.


Design is the work of @n33co Html5Up under CreativeCommons and is modified for OctoberCMS from us to fit our needs.

Landed Theme based on SKEL Framework, ported to OctoberCMS. Easy to use and to extend.

A dark, slick, modern, responsive, adjective-drenched design built around an extremely dynamic landing page (scroll that mofo!). Inspired by Big Picture, another design of mine with a similarish feel/flow, only this time I took it waaaaaay further and actually made it multipurpose (versus copping out and making it a one pager like I did last time ;) Includes multiple pages, a bunch of pre-styled elements.

Thanks to the work of html5up.net


Fix for pagination on blog pages.

Aug 23, 2015


First version of Vanilla theme.

Aug 23, 2015