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Would it be possible to add it to the plugin.yaml file?

Posted in [HOWTO] Adding a sideMenu counter

Will there be a block based visual builder like the ContententBuilder.js?

Posted in Frontend Editor / Page Builder


Posted in Using ajax data source for backend dropdown

+1 as the parend model before and after functions are not called when just adding or removing relati...

Posted in Any event when an item is added or removed from a relationship from the backend form ?

And of course the solution comes to me after asking the qustion. So here it is.

By default you can o...

Posted in How to override backend layouts?

Is it possible to override backend layouts? For example, /modules/backend/layouts/_mainmenu.htm

Posted in How to override backend layouts?

Did you find a solution?

Posted in How get list filter values in backend?

What would be the best way to split a backend list into multiple tabs? For example, lets take invoic...

Posted in Multiple tabs for backend list

Found a solution for the CMS pages. Basically we need to add a custom field for the page and then fe...

Posted in How to get an URI for a CMS page

I'm building an e-shop and I need to link to CMS pages. For example, I need to put the terms and con...

Posted in How to get an URI for a CMS page