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i use phpstorm, or if it gets too resource greedy, i switch to sublime text.

Posted in What IDE do you guys use when working on projects with october cms?

or i saw this today on laravel tricks


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As posted in other thread, how about these?




Posted in Any best way to make advanced search in octoberCMS using STOPWORDS and Full content search

How about something like this?


or th...

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You could use this https://octobercms.com/plugin/shahiemseymor-roles

and then something like this i ...

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Check your remote filesystem and ensure that this file is physically there.

Sounds like its missing ...

Posted in [Solved] Moving from Homestead to remote server

Have you added it to your $fillable array?

Just a guess,

Posted in How to save slugged attribute on database?

Maybe here http://octobercms.com/docs/plugin/registration#scheduled-tasks



Posted in Weird issue with my plugin

Do you have an artisan cache:clear command scheduled to run around that time?

Using https://laravel-...

Posted in Weird issue with my plugin

In order to eliminate this error message you need to do ONE of the following things:

  • Remove the pr...

Posted in Unable to backup - "proc_open not available on your PHP installation"