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Can't you upload a regular avatar in the backend (from file)? I think, the gravatar image is only th...

Posted in How to remove Gravatar URL calls?

You should use the github issue section to bring this to attention:

Posted in Mall Plugin only tax when logged in

I will look into it. Maybe you can join the slack channel for custom support. My name there is alxy ...

Posted in preview editor not working

Hi, do you get any errors in the console?

Posted in preview editor not working

Yeah, for me it was also a scheduled console command that was actually beeing run by the root user t...

Posted in October Twig Cache folder ownership

Probably you should know that October is, in contrast to Wordpress, a developer-first CMS. Meaning i...

Posted in Suggestion: client-facing beginners guide pdf for content management

Hey inawrath30297, I have to say, that I have bot updated this plugin for months and I have simply f...

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You can also prepend fields, that should not be saved to the database, with an underscore in your fi...

Posted in Field in backend without database equivalent column

The question is extremely poorly written and lacks details. Also, I can confirm that the password re...

Posted in User plugin by rainlab (resetpassword) pls help

Yeah, you can create your own filter.

Posted in Generate relative URLs instead of absolute