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Hello, we are still waiting for the fix. Emmet was on our list from the beginning but we found that ...

Posted in Emmet does not work with Editor (October v2)

Hello dorotheus.rex,

Could you provide more details on the problem? The Editor should work as follow...

Posted in Backend editor changes not showing in the code in my files

Hello support65166,

Sorry, you mentioned a private plugin and this made me think you're talking abo...

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Hello ollie65718,

I see two errors on your screenshots. One if them suggests that a browser extensio...

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Bellow are steps to add a private plugin to a project in Account: ​

  • ​On the plugin Settings page go...

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Thanks for the report. It is fixed now: There is a n...

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If the browser locks up, this is probably a JS problem. Try clearing your brow...

Posted in OctoberCMS 2 locking up browser when try edit layouts


I can't reproduce the bug. Please make sure you're using the latest version of Pages. Are th...

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Hi felix, I can't reproduce the error in Firefox 87. The error messages suggest that the page could ...

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We published a relevant article yesterday:

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