MarSch said:

I am not sure if that solves all problems here described, but when i tested the solution of this guide i got for some of my forms error when they contained formwidgets e.g. a relation, fileupload ...

After some searching in errorlogs i understood, that by using formwidgets in the frontend, formwidgets are not registered... so the field-type-description in YAML-file (e.g. codeeditor) is unknown. By registering all common formwidgets of the backend in our new plugin, it should work.

/plugin.php of our forms-component / public function registerFormWidgets() { return [ 'Backend\FormWidgets\CodeEditor' => [ 'label' => 'Code editor', 'code' => 'codeeditor' ],

       'Backend\FormWidgets\RichEditor' => [
           'label' => 'Rich editor',
           'code'  => 'richeditor'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\MarkdownEditor' => [
           'label' => 'Markdown editor',
           'code'  => 'markdown'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\FileUpload' => [
           'label' => 'File uploader',
           'code'  => 'fileupload'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\Relation' => [
           'label' => 'Relationship',
           'code'  => 'relation'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\DatePicker' => [
           'label' => 'Date picker',
           'code'  => 'datepicker'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\TimePicker' => [
           'label' => 'Time picker',
           'code'  => 'timepicker'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\ColorPicker' => [
           'label' => 'Color picker',
           'code'  => 'colorpicker'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\DataTable' => [
           'label' => 'Data Table',
           'code'  => 'datatable'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\RecordFinder' => [
           'label' => 'Record Finder',
           'code'  => 'recordfinder'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\Repeater' => [
           'label' => 'Repeater',
           'code'  => 'repeater'

       'Backend\FormWidgets\TagList' => [
           'label' => 'Tag List',
           'code'  => 'taglist'


Hope that will help some of you.

Last 5-6 months i am searching for this solution and it's can be working ...

very Thankful for this solution


How can we use this to display a backend list on the frontend, with sort/search/filter functionality? I have the list displayed but none of the functionality is working...

I get errors like "list::onSort()" not available.


Hi. Thank you for your nice solution. Is it possible to use it with translation strings (e.g. label: my.plugin::lang.name)? In my case they are not translated in frontend.


Would someone care to give a newbie 5 mins for an explanation of how mja's code works. I've installed his plugin, the mja_forms_entries table is created, but I haven't a clue where I go from there. if I have a form at http://localhost/orders/backend//app/orders/customers how do I re-use this as http://localhost/orders/customers. Help appreciated

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