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Hi there

I've come across an issue with the repeater field when using both the RainLab Static Pages plugin together with the RainLab Translate plugin. Basically the issue appears when trying to swap the language on the repeater field, it briefly shows a loading icon then nothing changes. You will still just see the data for the first language with no way to add any copy in another language. The plain text, WYSIWYG, media fields etc all work as expected it just seems to be an issue with the repeater field.

I ran into this same issue on a project I'm currently working with so I decided to a fresh build with only the two plugins (pages & translate) to make sure it wasn't an issue caused by one of the other plugins used in the project. The issue did present slightly differently in that project though, it that instance you can successfully swap between the repeater fields, but other language will just appear blank even though if you look in the content file directly the data is still there. However if you save the page again after that you will lose all the data which makes sense.

I hope I managed to explain that all clearly enough.

Example of the repeater below if useful.

{repeater name="faqs" prompt="Add a FAQ" tab="FAQ's"}
    {variable tab="FAQ's" name="faq_question" label="FAQ Question" span="auto"}{/variable}
    {variable tab="FAQ's" name="faq_answer" label="FAQ Answer" type="richeditor"}{/variable}

Has anyone else come across this issue and if so how did you manage to resolve it?


October CMS: build 2.2.18.
Pages: v1.4.14.
Translate: v1.10.5.


Welcome rhinoafrica,

Please try updating to 2.2.19 to see if it helps. There was a recent bug that could cause this.

Best regards


After doing the update, any newly created pages seem to working as expected, the pages that were already created still have the same issue but easy enough to re-create.

Thanks for the assistance daftspunky

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