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Hey jm, I have tested this theme and contacted the author too. He should fix it in the next release,...

Posted in Trying to install purchased theme "Architect" - not working out

Hey Andy,

Hopefully this is fixed in the latest version of October CMS (v3.6) since there was some w...

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Try running php artisan october:migrate to see if it helps

Posted in Trying to install purchased theme "Architect" - not working out

May need a check

if (!function_exists('shortnum')) {  /* declare function */ }

Posted in BUG: When running php artisan october:optimize

Here is a way to downgrade a plugin:

  1. Open composer.json
  2. Find the entry for this plugin
  3. Change the v...

Posted in Two Factor Authentication plugin installs with incompatible version

Hey TallPro, you may need to tag your release in git. Check out the documentation to learn more: htt...

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You may need to install v1 of this theme. Open the composer.json file, find this package and change ...

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Do you see any errors or what happens in v3+?

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On a fresh installation of October v2 and this plugin, I was unable to reproduce this problem...

Posted in Embedded Gallery using Media Folder - not found

To fix this: Remove the !!! or wrap the whole line in quotes "!!! some text"

Posted in Backend Plus - Install error (yalm.php line 42)