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Hey TallPro, you may need to tag your release in git. Check out the documentation to learn more: htt...

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You may need to install v1 of this theme. Open the composer.json file, find this package and change ...

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Do you see any errors or what happens in v3+?

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On a fresh installation of October v2 and this plugin, I was unable to reproduce this problem...

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To fix this: Remove the !!! or wrap the whole line in quotes "!!! some text"

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Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. Tailor is being released in stages and will include ML features v...

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Please confirm and make sure that you are using the latest version of October CMS. There was ...

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Hi ed,

Welcome! Unfortunately this information is not captured. The model stores the date it was fir...

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Ok, thanks. It sounds like a bug then.

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Hi ndcisiv,

This behavior doesn't exist because it is simple to make a field nullable by extension. ...

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